Hello List,

I tried the binary "mod_jk2-1.3-eapi.so" from 
with apache 1.3 and virtual hosts.

In short: absolutely no luck. 
I read all available docs (which seen quite current) and enabled debugging in 
workers2.properties, but I diddn't get the uri-maps right.
He didn't decode the host-part of the uri:-entries.

was decoded to:

Weird! Even when I omit the host-part it doesn't find the map when I start a 
I tried several combinations:

I read the source (from tomcat-4.1.18), and I found that the version must be 
different (wrong source line numbers)
But the source seems to be ok. Did I use a broken version?
Where can I find more current binary versions?
Building it seems painful, when I look to the configure script.

Any hint is greatly appreciated.



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