Reinhard Moosauer wrote:
Hello List,

Tomcat has a very nice feature, which allows dropping .xml in the wepapp-directory and automatic deployment of contexts defined therein.

I would suggest the same approach for <Host> definitions.
For a lot of installations it would _completely_ eliminate the need for changes in server.xml.
I don't know, if such a mechanism is planned for tc5. In this case: could we consider a backport of this feature?

I would volunteer for an extension to 4.1. But I would like to hear the opinion of the developers.

Here is the to-do-list:
- add a parameter to the <engine>-Tag: virtualHostDir=""
  (default: "hosts" for example)
- (Alternative: the plugin-way: define a <listener>, which does this)
- deploy all defined "hostxxx.xml" in the given dir on startup.
- optional: add an "auto-deploy" feature like in webapps

I don't know yet, how invasive the change would be. I am very grateful for any hints.

I would like to contribute the extension, if it is well-integrated and riskless enough for the stable tree. Otherwise: maybe it works at least for me...

Please do not hesitate to give any kind of comments!

I'd considered it a lot lately, but decided against it, as it's not as hassle free as you make it sound: the biggest problem is configuring the DNS, so I don't see what the feature would add.

With TC 5, you can dynamically add hosts with:
- JMX (using some agent)
- the admin webapp, like in TC 4.1.x

I think that's good enough, and the extra complexity doesn't seem to add something of real value.

I'd vote -0 or -1 on the issue.


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