Marc Slemko wrote:
On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Henri Gomez wrote:

Could we stop useless critics and flams and be more positives.

I'm sorry that you think it is useless to point out the specific areas
where mod_jk and mod_jk2 are doing things wrong.

If jk's does some things wrong, we're open to make them evolve, that's a devel list after all.

It's open source, and if you have objections, you're welcome to provide

To be honest, that isn't too appealing given the sad state of all
the different connectors available and the extremely poor state of
documentation about what is what and how things are supposed to
work.  But that is irrelevant, and doesn't change the validity of pointing
out what things are problems and why.

Sad state, are you sure ? There is plenty of sites which use it everyday for their productions purposes.

No documentation, you're kidding, did you take a look at online documentation at :

What is the release plan for mod_jk2?  Is there any plan for making it
production quality?  There doesn't seem to be much happening with it.
Is one better served to work on mod_jk instead and give up on mod_jk2?

We need more contributors, so once again you're welcome. Mladen and Costin make a great works in jk2 and there is now need for more serious tests and fix before it came production ready.

Never forget that mod_jk WAS DESIGNED to be cross web server compatible
and that's why some of the Apache functions are not used.

mod_jk is the Apache specific module.  The fact that there are other
modules using some shared code that are specific to other webservers
doesn't change anything.

Of course but the 'common' modules make handle things which could be some time delegated to specific webservers, that's one of the big diff between jk and jk2.

Web server specific plugins are the things that should tie tomcat in
with the way the particular webserver works.

All connectors works is done now on jakarta-tomcat-connectors and jk, jk2, coyote, http11 live there and are use by TC3/4/5.

It is quite sad to see how much worse webserver plugins have gotten
since the days of mod_jserv.

Well there is 3 solutions for you :

- You contribute code to make mod_jk/mod_jk2 better.

- You get mod_jserv sources and make a successor, ie mod_jserv2, which
  will deprecate mod_jk easily if it perform better.

- You develop a whole new connector module for
  Apache 1.3/Apache 2.0/IIS/Domino/iPlanet.

Thanks to stop this flam thread if you only have critics to formulate and no suggestions or fixes.

This is tomcat-dev list, pas le 'bureau des pleurs'.

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