Marc Slemko wrote:
On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Henri Gomez wrote:

By describing the problems, I'm hoping that someone who does have the
time right now can actually make one of the multitude of Apache --> tomcat
connectors into something production quality without gaping security,
performance, and stability issues.  If not, then it will have to wait
until I am at a point in my day job where we need to be deploying our
applications and they need to actually work right and I'll worry about
it then.

Oh, for whoever is trying to actually make mod_jk work right... you may
be able to do a "SetHandler jakarta-servlet" inside a Files section
in a Directory section, not sure if it supports it properly or not, although
that doesn't let you specify a specific worker.

Nice whine ;-)

If you someday choose to dedicate the same kind of effort on contributing to TC, I would be very happy (a a lot of people would be very grateful too) :)


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