You are receiving this message in follow-up to a report
received by the EarthLink Abuse Department.  You may have
submitted this report to a number of addresses including but
not limited to [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Most reports of network abuse sent to this department fall
into a few recognizable categories (spam, cracking, viruses,
etc.).  To increase efficiency, our filters scan incoming
reports and attempt to determine the general type of issue
being reported.

We were not able to process your report because it does not 
appear to include the information needed for EarthLink Abuse 
to begin it's investigation. Evidence to Abuse should always 
include the IP address of the offending party and a valid 
timestamp, which includes time, date and timezone.

To learn how to report spam so action is taken:

To learn how to locate and interpret e-mail headers in your 
e-mail client:

Other useful lookup tools:

Once you have included the pertinent information needed,
please resubmit your report, and include this autoresponse. 
Your report will then be reprocessed by our filters.

However, you should expect to receive another auto-response
after your resubmission is re-examined, but due to the large
number of reports we receive, please understand that you may 
not receive a personal response.

Our policies can be found at the following page:


The EarthLink Abuse Staff

>Content-type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed
>Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT

>  I just now downloaded the tomcat-5 src and when i try to build, i got 
>a build error for the wrong url-

>This should be changed to -

>in build.properties.



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