remm 2003/09/06 10:49:31

  Modified:    catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/loader
  - Modify the bundling of commons-logging to fix (hopefully) the nagging CL issues.
  - The commons-logging-api JAR will now be put in the system classloader.
    When using an alternate logging implmentation (ex: log4j) you should put the
    wrapper implementation in the same classloader or there will likely be trouble.
  - Ex: When using a Struts 1.1 webapp with log4j, there should be commons-logging.jar
    (just the log4j logger is fine as well) next to it.
  - Of course, overriding the log4j API in a webapp is still not possible. It wasn't
    before as c-logging was treated as a special case by the classloader (like JAXP).
  - This nasty case now works for me (bug 22701), as well as using log4j with
    privileged webapps (with or without SSL).

This patch isn't portable to 4.1.x, because the issue there isn't the same (it would is Jasper from 4.1.x used commons-logging, but thankfully it does not, so the headache level is lower).

I'm suspecting what causes bug 22701 in TC 4.1.x is that the context classloader isn't properly reset in the StandardHostValve (I did that on purpose originally, thinking it was useless; maybe not ;-) ).


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