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Glenn Nielsen wrote:

On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 05:49:21PM +0100, jean-frederic clere wrote:

jean-frederic clere wrote:


jfclere 2004/03/03 09:55:32

Modified:    jk/native2/server/apache2 mod_jk2.c
Remove jk2_translate... It is still not 100% OK:
- LocationMatch does not work.
- Some _not_found ends in Tomcat when using mod_dav.

That is still not OK. I will go on later. Sorry :-(

Now it looks better. The only thing I have removed is the logic for mod_dir Tomcat will do it if needed.

Does that mean that Tomcat would have to resovlve identification
of the directory index file?


It would be nice to keep this on the apache side when someone
uses Alias or JkAutoAlias to serve static pages, fourwarding
and DirectoryIndex files which are *.jsp to Tomcat of course.

That is easy to put back the logic ;-)

Will we back port the jk2 modification to jk ?

BTW, the jk2 2.0.4 should be delayed at least one week again but it's
worth the wait...

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