My understanding was that this is more applicable to senders' ISPs, rather than the receiving side. The best other option i could think of is using signatures, like Thawte's, however, this only appears to be a viable option on a voluntary basis (i.e., a subscriber could say, don't accept emails from me unless signed with ...). Many people might not like the idea of this being required.

My 2 cents...

David Rees wrote:
Remy Maucherat wrote:
I'm going to unsubscribe Gal from tomcat-dev for now, since a lot of
spam is coming through this old email.
Subscribe again if you'd like to be on the list (but with a slightly
different email so we don't get the spam ;) ).

(Apache really needs to add competent spam filtering ...)

Getting mail servers to start using something like SPF
( would go a long ways to keeping all these forged
emails with viruses from being spread around.  Seems like large mailing
lists would be a great candidate for running SPF checks on incoming email.


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