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On Tomcat 5.5.2 I am experiencing very long compile times(and hangs) for certain JSP pages. The page has an EL expression like this:

${fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn:toUpperCase((fn: toUpperCase(('b'))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))}

If you remove the extraneous parenthesis it will compile and execute very quickly. However, if you add more nested calls to fn:toUpperCase compiling will again take a very long time. So, this may be related to the number of nested expressions. This is just a test case obviously but I am generating JSPs automatically and it is difficult if not impossible to avoid EL statements with these nested function calls. Resin can compile and execute these pages very quickly but I want to stick with Tomcat.

This is crucial to the project I am working on and if someone has an idea of what is causing this and where to look in the tomcat source I would appreciate it.

Please don't whine. I hope you have tested this with 5.0.x as well.

If you have a compilation problem specific to the Java compiler, you obviously should:
- report it to the Eclipse project
- use Ant + javac to compile instead (remove the jasper-compiler-jdt.jar and put ant.jar at the same spot)

You may want to try to generate efficient code.

Any bug filed about the Eclipse compiler (other than an integration issue) will be marked as INVALID.


The hang is happening when the .java file is being generated from the .jsp file. I confirmed this by taking the commons-el-1.0 source and modifying it to parse the same EL statement as given above and it never completed.

Any helpful comments on where to start looking to fix this are welcome.


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