keith       2005/04/18 13:21:57

Modified: catalina/src/share/org/apache/catalina/authenticator
[34083 et al] For webapps with security constraints, we default to sending
headers to disable caching. This is well-intentioned but IE will not open
office documents under SSL with the Pragma header. Remove the Pragma
header and change the Cache-Control to private based on comments in
the many bugs about this and my reading of the 1.1 spec.
Per Remy make this behavior optional, with a new valve attribute

When I say "make it optional", I mean: the current behavior should remain the default (as it has been since day one, and I am not the one who actually did it), but I am ok with having the new proposed behavior as an option (and documenting it).

Maybe a better attribute name can be found, BTW. IECompatibleProxyCacheDisableHeaders is probably better than StupidSettingWhichWillIntroduceBrokenBehaviorIfYouSetItToFalse, but not by much.


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