Bill Barker wrote:
Peter's test was stressing my poor little box a lot (which it really shouldn't, since it is a high-concurrency/low-traffic test). It was one of the things I wanted to look into when I had time to run more tests.

Also, I've been running the test with sendfile disabled. It seems that Solaris7 doesn't have this particular feature :(It was added to Solaris8). With sendfile enabled, I get a nice core-dump (since there is no apr_socket_sendfile in my :). I'm guessing that a for production release we need something like this in AprEndpoint.init:
if(useSendfile && !Apr.hasFeature(Apr.SENDFILE)) {
log.warn("disabling sendfile, since your apr version doesn't support it");
useSendfile = false;

I didn't know that. Yes, the check is needed then.

He still needs to remove some syncs in the native code, apparently (= the hacks he added on top of APR, but which didn't quite work).

It seems I need to look for a few more patches before I can usefully test.

Which changes do you suggest besides fixing sendfile ?


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