remm        2005/05/26 07:43:10

  Modified:    util/java/org/apache/tomcat/util/net AprEndpoint.java
  - Allow configuring pollTime.
  - Use wait/notify for the poller.

/usr/sbin/ab.exe -n 20000 -c 20 -k with the different configuration options that I added. I used JDK 1.4.2 client, since it's easier. JDK 5 server gives closer results for the last two (slightly faster JNI, I guess).

Right now, with localhost testing (no gigabit here, so no other solution):
a) APR with firstReadTimeout="0" pollTime="2000" (= all keepalive requests go to the poller without any blocking read; note: the default "5000" pollTime is a few %s slower - more latency - but will probably save a little CPU): 6100 req/s
b) default APR settings: 7700 req/s
c) regular connector: 8000 req/s


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