On 7/27/05, Mark Thomas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> All,
> Following up on my offer to trial a Subversion migration using Watchdog, I
> started to think that it would be a good idea to have an idea of what we want
> our eventual Subversion layout to look like so we could target the Watchdog
> conversion to that layout and save rework at a later date.

Let me know whenever you want to migrate it into the test/live repo.
I'm doing lots of the SVN migrations nowadays.

> Once we have agreement on this, I'll put in a request for the Watchdog
> migration and also kick off a discussion with infra on how best to go about
> the overall migration. It might be the case that they do a default migration
> for each module and we (I am happy to do it) move the directories around
> afterwards.

Probably a mixture of both. Some of the migration bits will be easy,
but things like splitting the tags and branches automatically into
their own versioned directories would involve a post-migration script
and I or you can do them by hand.

> Finally, my intention with the migration of Watchdog is to see what, if any,
> performance differences there are between CVS and SVN. If there is no major
> performance hit moving to SVN, great, we can migrate the other modules
> whenever we choose. If there is a performance hit, we will have some hard
> evidence on which to base our decision about how to move forward.

We can start whenever you'd like.


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