Maybe I did something wrong here, or maybe I'm just missing a step, but if
someone (probably Mark) could help out  here, that'd be great ;)

I just added a new FAQ section on clustering to the SVN tomcat/site/trunk area.
 It's in xdocs-faq/cluster.xml.  I did svn add for that file, as well as the
docs/faq/cluster.html and docs/faq/printer/cluster.html.  The files were added
into SVN, then I did svn commit.  No errors, all looks fine.

Next I went to /www/jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/faq, ran SVN update.  Again no
errors, just a line saying it's at revision X, where X was the number after my
commit, so that looks correct.  But I don't see the cluster.html files there. 
I know I won't see them on the web for a while due to replication delays, but
when we used CVS I saw them on the filesystem right away.  Am I doing something


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