Mladen Turk wrote:

Any update on the schedule?
I have couple of fixes, commits, etc, but
IIUC the transition should happen last weekend,
so I've postpone all that, but it seems that CVS is
still operational.

Can somebody make a firm statement on the timings?
1. Until when (Date:Hour:Minute) commits could be done
2. Wen the CVS will be locked for commit (same format)

No, as we are dependent on infrastructure resource to do this.

1 & 2 will be the same time.

The current position is:
- we can continue to use CVS
- infrastructure will notify us via tomcat-dev when the migration is planned to take place
- the first step in the migration will be to lock CVS

My advice is to continue to commit to CVS until we find out when the migration will take place. Once we have a time for the migration this gives us our deadline to work to for completing any remaining changes and committing them. Personally, I intend to have any outstanding commits completed well before this time.

See the JIRA issue for the full detail (


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