I'll apologize in advance if this is the wrong place to post this, or if this has been covered before. I had a good read through the Tomcat docs and faqs, searched the bug database, and googled around on the topic, but could not really find anything.

I've been using Tomcat for a while, and in general have found it as good a servlet/JSP container as any I've used. With one exception (no pun intended). A long time ago I started out using WebLogic, and the one thing that I loved about WebLogic, that is missing from Tomcat, is that when an Exception occurred in a JSP it would tell you what line number *in the JSP* generated the exception, and show you a snippet of code around the offending line.

For quite a while I'd figured that the way Tomcat was built prevented this from being easy/possible, but I didn't look. Well, I finally got around to looking, and it only took me a couple of hours to implement it. Which makes me wonder if there is some other reason that this isn't done in Tomcat/Jasper?

At any rate, I have code that will do this now, and I think it'd be a great productivity boost for anyone else developing JSPs on Tomcat. It amounts to small patches to two files. The first is org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler to make it hang on to the parse tree (pageNodes) if in development mode, and a getter to make this accessible. The second is to org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServletWrapper to do the grunt work of mapping a stack frame from the exception back to the line in the JSP that it came from.

It's all coded up to function only when in development mode, and is reasonably well commented. Would any of the committers be interested in taking a look at this if I put together a patch and posted it here? Cheers,

-Tim Fennell

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