Currently the following CVS modules are snapshotted to

jakarta-tomcat jakarta-tomcat-4.0 jakarta-tomcat-5
jakarta-tomcat-catalina jakarta-tomcat-jasper
jakarta-tomcat-connectors jakarta-tools jakarta-watchdog
jakarta-servletapi jakarta-servletapi-4 jakarta-servletapi-5

I need to identify the svn match to each one of those to continue the
snapshots going. ie)

jakarta-tomcat-tools  =>  tomcat/archive/tools/trunk/

Though I imagine something in archive/ isn't a candidate for snapshotting.

Could you let me know which parts of the tomcat svn directory you'd
like me to set snapshotting up for?

(knowing about the snapshots is a pretty recent thing for me, so it's
still somewhat of an afterthought to a migration)


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