Ben's exactly right.  More than deaf ears: rejecting fingers (the ones
that close issues as RESOLVED-WONTFIX ;)).

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>Subject: Re: common image practice?
>On Thu, 2004-12-02 at 16:49, Rhino wrote:
>> It sounds to me like you've hit on something that lots of people
>> Why not put this forward as a feature request? Perhaps the good folks
>> Apache will add some kind of shared image directory to Tomcat. It
>> you today but this sounds like something that could be added fairly
>> if it doesn't violate the architecture of Tomcat in some important
>I think your time would be better spent lobbying to get this put into
>the Servlet Spec (but I think that would be a waste of time too)
>Tomcat development is driven by the Servlet/JSP specs.
>Since this isn't in the specs and since it goes against the the J2EE
>principal of self contained apps, my guess is that it would fall on
>deaf ears in either camp.
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