I'm not familiar with mod_jk, but in Tomcat when using SSL I can put in a security constraint and it will redirect to a secure connection, so that's why I'm making it sound like a redirect. But the real issue is when I access the url for example http://www.myapp.com/thisapp it works, but when I add https://www.myapp.com/thisapp it fails saying "The requested URL /MemCarQue/cars was not found on this server.". But the default jsp-examples/ url works with SSL and without. Once this works then I'll want to make it so the /thisapp/secure part works like Tomcat stand alone and redirects based on the security constraint in web.xml of the app. I'm guessing this can be done by setting the Tomcat to redirect to SSL port.

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Well, maybe I've just make a mistake somewhere. I looked at my jsp-examples/ url work with ssl and without in mod_jk. Where should I look to see why this one works but my app doesn't?

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I know this has been asked, but the all the emails and on-line docs don't seem to make sense to me. What I have is this. Apache, Tomcat, Mod_JK all running and working on my server. The SSL on Apache is working as well. All I want to do is have certain urls use SSL on Apache. So when you go to /site it's non-ssl, which works now, but when you access /admin it redirects to SSL, this is not working now. How do I get this working?


Your question is a little bit unclear.
If you need a redirection from
http://site/admin/ to https://site/admin/ look at the mod_rewrite,
or simply make a absolute link to https page.


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