Tomcat 5.0.19 is actually still running, but stops taking http requests
   randomly. It will run just fine for one or two weeks, then in the middles
   of the night, or over the weekend when no one is using tomcat at all, it
   stops taking requests (I know when it happens because I have a standalone
   application that tries retrieving a webpage from Tomcat every half hour to
   check if it's still up).
   The catalina.out log file doesn't show anything unusual, it's actually
   still running, so is the Tomcat process. But trying to reach a web page
   will show a timeout error on any browser. And sometimes trying to shutdown
   tomcat after it's hung doesn't work, I have to manually kill the tomcat
   I am using JVM 1.4.2_02.
   Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
   ps. I am new to using this mailing list, and have a question, is it
   required to subscribe to the tomcat-user list in order to ask questions?
   or can I just send emails to the list and replies will get sent back
   directly to my email address?

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