I very often deploy client's applications in multiple tomcat instances.
It is normal and each application does not affect another. You just need
a strong multiprocessor server with a lot of memory to sustain the last
:) The only difference is that I often configure a separate apache
instance for each tomcat instance. But one apache is also fine.

I find this setup very comfortable when it comes to updating the
application code or just restarting an application. Also, when one
tomcat crashes, others run just fine.

A tip here is to write/rewrite startup script so that it handles
multiple instances of tomcat. It is also a good idea to create an
environment profile file for each instance where you define stuff like
JAVA_HOME or JAVA_OPTS for each instance separatelly and store it with
the configuration. The development expense may be unneccessary if you
only have one setup like that.

I hope you are using the $CATALINA_HOME and $CATALINA_BASE variables to
separate binaries from runtime/configuration files of each instance and
you're not copying the whole tomcat tree.

Think about file and process ownerships when web applications belong to
different owners.

If you want to ensure reliability then clone the machine and put a
redirector in front of both. It scales very well and the user impact in
case of trouble is not 100%.

--Radek W.

Seth Ladd wrote:
> Hello,
> We are finding outselves hosting more and more individual webapps, all
> running on Tomcat 5.5.9 w/ JDK 1.5.  Each of these webapps is developed
> and deployed on a separate schedule, and the number and frequency of app
> deployments is increasing.
> The frequency is so much that the uptime of all of our applications is
> affected as we continually take down Tomcat servers in production to
> deploy a new application (or new version of the application).  Because
> hot deploy does not work (the old favorite OOM error w/ too many
> redeploys), we bounce the Tomcat server for every redeploy.
> To avoid taking down all of our applications when we need to redeploy a
> single app, we've begun to deploy each application to their own Tomcat
> instance.  All of these instances are fronted by a single Apache server
> handling vhosts, logging, etc.
> We're just curious how common this setup really is.  We know we are in
> an uncommon position, with so many webapps (approaching 20, and growing
> very fast).  We don't want to put all our eggs in one basket, so to
> speak, so we've begun to split out individual tomcat instances.
> Anyone else have to handle numerous webapps, with frequent deploys, and
> have to keep uptime for all apps as high as possible?  We hesitate to
> put all webapps in one tomcat, because to deploy one app means we have
> to take down all of our apps.  This is becoming unacceptable.  (not to
> mention that a memory leak in one app will bring down all the apps
> living in that tomcat instance)
> Any tips or tricks would be really appreciated.  Or pointers to previous
> material (I've found some, but nothing that jumped out at me).
> Thanks very much in advance,
> Seth
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