You can have the servers on different machines. Look more on mod_jk2 
As I know, mod_jk2 project is no longer maintained so it's better to switch to 

Viorel Dragomir


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From: Jeff Schroeder 
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 15:17
Subject: Apache and Tomcat on separate hosts?

I finally got Apache2 + mod_jk2 + tomcat 4.1 working with tomcat doing vhosting 
on my laptop for development. The management said that is great that I should 
now roll it over to the dev servers before putting it into production.

I started setting up everything and was down to creating the vhost in 
httpd.conf when I realized one fatal problem, Apache and Tomcat are on 2 
separate servers. The way that I understand it, Apache finds a jsp page in it's 
docroot and if the host is in, it gets handed over to 

If the webapp is not on the same box, how do you "let" apache find it to hand 
over to tomcat? My first thought was NFS, but the change control board frowns 
on any sort of filesharing among the servers. It's kind of important to get 
this properly working, is there any other way? Thanks.

Jeff Schroeder
Web Administrator
Comair, Inc.

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