Before I go gripe too, too much, let me just say that the mod_jk documentation has improved immensely since I start looking into it. Some of it might be simplied by the fact that I no longer consider jk2 in the picture which seemed to be adding some confusion.

I don't know who is responsible for updating the documentation, so thought I'd post here.

The documentation that I'm referring to is at:

load balancing page:
Well, the load balancing page is empty, which is ok, but a link to the majority of load balancing explanation on the page would be nice.

"domain" property for a worker.
I had to use the "domain" property on a worker to get load balancing working, which corresponds to the jvmRoute. I didn't see any mention of jvmRoute or "domain" anywhere however in either the load balancing section or the general worker properties.

finally, and this may have annoyed me more than anything else -
all throughout the load balancing documentation there are red, bolded lines like "These workers should not appear in the worker.list property!" in reference to "balance_workers". But then in the example, they do exactly what they said should NOT be done:
(bottom of this page)

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