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> Subject: Re: [OT] How much RAM can java use
> > I've seen 64-bit Sparc systems with Java heaps sized at hundreds of
> > megabytes...

Oops, I meant hundreds of _gigabytes_ (just a slight miscalculation :-).

With the 32-bit Sun JVM, you're not going to get much more than 1.2 GB
you're at now, primarily due to the contiguous heap requirement and the
use of signed 32-bit integers within the HotSpot heap manager.  To take
advantage of the 64-bit platforms, you'll need to install a true 64-bit
JVM, which is a separate download from the normal JRE/JDK.  With that,
you should be able to use pretty much all of the RAM, minus the system
overhead.  The key issue is insuring that the 64-bit Debian provides a
decent amount of virtual space for each process.

 - Chuck

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