On 6 Oct 2005 at 15:09, JWM wrote:

> I started getting exceptions saying no connections were available on my JDBC
> datasource  (org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver).  The pool was definitely large enough
> to handle the load.  So it appears that I'm not freeing the all the
> connections as I should.  I noticed that I did not have the
> 'removeAbandoned' flag set on the Resource tag.  Changing that has
> apparently fixed the out of connections problem.  But I really want to clean
> up the code and fix it the right way.  I've got the close() statements in
> place.  But obviously, I'm missing some of them somewhere.  Is there any
> process for logging/tracking allocating and freeing connections (and absence
> thereof.), available connections, etc?  Or are there any methods I can call
> to give me this type of debug info?  What's the recommended way to debug
> this?

There have already been useful tips on debugging, but I've found that 
the most common way to chew up connections is to not put the code 
that frees the conneciton inside a finally {} block.  If you don't free the 
connection in a finally {} block, it may not be freed if an exception 


Rob Hills
Western Australia

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