> From: David Farrell [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Subject: After adding a context xml file, web-app doesn't always start
> I think I may have missed something.

Such as telling us which version of Tomcat you're using.

> tomcat throw an exeption that my app "conspiracy"
> cannot be found under /webapps/conspiracy

Your docBase attribute says webapps/conspiracy is the location of the

> I imagine that I need to do something to my context xml file?  I'm not
> really sure but the only change in the app pre and post this error is
> moving the db stuff to the xml file.

Where is your context xml file?  What is it's actual name?  (The
attached file is named context_home.xml, which can't be really be what
you're using.)  Read up on the attribute fields of the <Context> element
for the version of Tomcat you're using.  In particular, if you're using
5.5.x, don't put <Context> in server.xml, and don't use the path

 - Chuck

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