> From: Enrique Rodriguez [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> What i don't understand is that I "sometimes" get OutOfMemoryException
> when i upload new aplitications to the tomcat using the manager.
> I Profiled my aplication and i don't have any memory issue.

Just to check: Did your profiling include looking at PermGen?

> Is this a manager bug? Why the Total Memory is never higger 
> than 128 MB but I get OutOfMemoryExceptions?

Java always loads classes into the permanent generation (PermGen) and
never (to my knowledge) reclaims that space, even when you unload
classes.  So you may be running out of PermGen space.  You may wish to
increase that.  A search on a Tomcat archive for 'Permgen' should give
you plenty more information!

                - Peter

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