I'm trying to move an installation of Tomcat 4.1.27 and IIS from a Windows
XP box running IIS 5.1 to a Windows 2003 Small Business Server box running
an integrated version of IIS 6.0. I am running into problems because I can
not get the ISAPI Filter (DLL) to load. The arrow is always red and down
(never green and up) and the service log shows that the filter fails to lead
each time I restart IIS.

I am using identical /conf files and registry settings as my *working* IIS
5.1/XP setup. (And that setup is based on the general setup guide for the
IIS connector on the jakarta.apache.org site.) So, I don't believe my
configuration is to blame. I have also tried using both the JK 1.2 and JK
2.0 connectors. I've also tried disabling all the other ISAPI Filters that
were present by default with the Win2k3 installation. 

In my search for advice on the web, I found a few folks asking for help with
different aspects of *working* IIS 6.0 configurations, so I assume that with
the right tinkering, it is possible to get the existing connectors to work
with IIS 6.0.

If anyone has any tips on getting a connector to work under IIS 6.0, I would
be most appreciative. 

Adam Krouskop

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