This is more like a jsp question rather then the tomcat one but pardon me
for asking here. In my servlet, I do a 
"/reports.jsp?msg='selectEval'&pid=" + pid).forward( req, res ). The code is
given below. I believe this should forward it to reports.jsp[line (4)]. But
what happens is that even though it forwards it to reports.jsp, it continues
to execute the servlet even below the forward statement. When it encounters
the next forward statement[line (5)], it gives IllegalStateException. I
would think it should not go even past first forward[line (4)]. Please help
in clarifying.

if (revList.length > 1)
        req.setAttribute("revList", revList);   
"/reports.jsp?msg='selectEval'&pid=" + pid).forward( req, res );
else if (revList.length == 1)
        req.setAttribute("projEvalInfo", pe);
"/OtaceEvalFormRpt.jsp").forward( req, res );


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