Hello Everyone, first post to the list  =)

I have a test setup with Solaris 9, Apache 2.043, mod_jk and two tomcats (4.131 & JDK 1.5.0)

To have the Tomcats handling the applications, first I used the following lines but the problem was that my jsp's where taken by tomcat but my images, css and other elements where served by apache, hence my images, styles, etc where not found by the server since they are all inside /webapps/app_name/images
Lines of httpd.conf:
JkMount /*.jsp loadbalancer
JkMount /servlet/* loadbalancer

Also, servlets never worked using this directives.

To solve this, probably in not the best manner I just passed everything to tomcat using (in httpd.conf):
JkMount /* loadbalancer

This worked without a glitch altough I havent done extensive testing.

So the question is... what is the best way to achieve this?? And, How bad can things get if I leave it like that. The server is meant to be used only as an apps server and not a normal web server so I'm using apache strictly as a front end for load balancing and all the things you get with mod_jk



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