Actually that sounds right. You can't display WML data in a standard browser and that's why you get the download dialog.

To see that type of content you can test using a WAP browser like winwap (not free but you get a trial) or an online WAP emulator such as wapsilon <http://www.wapsilon.com>.

If it displays ok in one of those two then you are on the right track  :)

Hasta luego.


Kirby, Stephen (Civ, ARL/CISD) wrote:


I am using a WML file as my welcome-file.  When I try to launch the web
page I'm getting a "File Download" dialog for some reason.  (it's
tomcat-5.5.9 and it shows tomcat works fine when I leave the welcome
file as index.jsp)

The web.xml already had the MIME mapping for wml extension files so I
don't think that's the problem. (from web.xml)
       <!-- WML Source -->
I've triple-checked the wml file and can't see anything wrong:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<card id="myFirstCard" title="First Card">
 <p align="center">
  Hi there......

I've seen mention of a http.conf file -- is that relevant to jakarta
tomcat; if so what line is added to recognize wml?


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