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Darryl L. Miles wrote:
Kyle wrote:

I have Apache serving multiple VHosts. I want to (eventually) integrate different versions of Tomcat into different VHosts, but for now, I'd settle for just 5.5.9 working with my default Apache VHost.

Apache works dandy alone on :80.
Tomcat works just fine on :8080.

I have the jsp-examples and servlets-examples pages displaying from host.domain.com/......

But I have not yet managed to get www.host.domain.com/<prefix>-examples/<this_or_that_example> to work without returning a 500 Error.

First is it apache or tomcat that is returning the 500 ?

I'll leave the 500 question till I can be certain of the answer. I thought it could only be Apache. Will however ensure now.

Then breaking the ServerName and ServerAlias configuration in apache (restarting apache inbetween)

Not certain I understand what you mean here. Break them ... ?? Do you simply mean give the default VHost a diff. name to the general ServerName directive above?

I would revise your JkMount to look like:

JkMount  /admin/*  ajp13Wkr

This will pass-thru apache everything for the webapp to TC.

The multiple jkMount Directives are auto-generated by Tomcat. I could revise. I just thought it best to just leave them. I suspect they are so that IF I were to put any static content in those directories, Apache would pick it up instead.

Once you have that established you can then work on your JkMount settings and Tomcat. Have you checked out, understood and implement the information in http://jakarta.apache.org/tomcat/tomcat-5.5-doc/config/host.html#Host+Name+Aliases ?
Interesting question. Read it, I have.

It is not however clear to me as to whether or not TC _MUST_ have a _Different_ "VirtualHost Name" than the default VHost name in Apache or whether it should be the same. And then whether or not an Alias can or cannot be the same as some other name for that same machine.

Does this mean effectively there should be 3 different names for the same machine to function in this manner? I.e.
The "ServerName" directive in httpd.conf
The "ServerName" for the default VHost AND
yet ANother different defaultHost/Host name for Tomcat

I suspect your only remaining problem now is to get Apache and Tomcat to see the same website document roots for the same URLs. This maybe a problem if you are using deployed WARs since tomcat can and will delete the directory from under apache during the deployment process.

So far, I am only trying to view the examples and default admin app.s that come bundled with TC. If I understand you correctly here, you are effectively saying that the auto-conf file generated by TC is not up to the job and I should dump it in favour of manual inline config.


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