> From: Oleg [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
> Now regarding shared/lib directory I thought that every 
> application loads 
> its own copy of those libraries, but if its only one time 
> load and since all 
> my applications are identical copies (only data changes) I 
> might as well 
> move all my classes into shared, before I only had struts, 
> hibernate jars and so on....

is the page you want.  They're loaded by the Shared classloader, of
which there is only one per Tomcat instance.

> That wouldnt create any thread safety issues would it?

Potentially yes (so test with Jmeter or similar), and it might also
cause some fun and games with multiple servlets if any perform
initialization assuming they're the only user of a particular library.
Imagine one servlet running for an extended period using a library, then
a second servlet starting and calling the initialization code of that
library... You get the idea.  A well-written library should ride this

                - Peter

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