The net effect is that users have to re-login, but there is no down time. They 
get bounced, but can immediately log back in.

Right now, startup time for my hosted machine is running in the area of 5 
minutes. So, I'm eliminating a 5 minute startup cycle.

I'm running 60 virtual hosts on one machine (P3 600). I'll be moving to a P4 
3.0GHz this weekend, but I hope to get up to 200 virtual hosts per machine.

Any way you cut it, startup time is a killer. 

On Thursday 18 August 2005 08:54, Brian Cook wrote:

> I think I missed something here.  Are you not still bouncing Tomcat
> here?  If so isnt the service still going down?  What is the benifit of
> changign the ports around?  I have a feeling I missed something in the
> expliation.
> George Sexton wrote:
> > The technique I use is this:

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