I am using an embedded tomcat instance within my application. I am
trying to set up a connector using SSL. When I start the server, it
creates the connector and bind to the port successfully. When I request
a page from the web browser, I get the following error in my browser:

"The connection to the server has terminated unexpectedly. Some data
may have been transferred."

The same scenario works fine with HTTP.

Here is my code snippet:
// APPPORT and isSSLEnabled are set correctly to 8443 and true.
Connector httpConnector =

//add new Connector to set of Connectors for embedded server,
associated with Engine

Looking at the tomcat website, they talk about registering keystore.
What APIs do I use to programmatically specify the keystore file? Is
there something else that needs to be configured before SSL will work
in the embedded more?



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