I deploy xsoft.war in webapps directory.  It creates a diretory xsoft and
deploy works.

NEXT, I drop xsoft.war in the webapps directory again.  Tomcat starts
deleting all files from previous deployment but can't delete jsf-impl.jar.
 Because of this, tomcat does not deploy xsoft.war and the xsoft directory
is left empty except this one file.

This was hard to figure out as tomcat logs say nothing about what
happened.  They don't tell you that redeploy failed because tomcat did not
succeed in deleting the first deployment.  It took me forever to figure
out what was going on.

Anyone know why jsf-impl.jar would be locked.  I try to manually delete it
and can't until I shutdown tomcat.  Is tomcat not unlocking the file
correctly after it reads it into the classloader for this app?

thanks for any help on this,  Temporarily I just created an ant script
that stops tomcat, deletes previous xsoft directory, redeploys app and
restarts tomcat but this takes forever.

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