We are building a high volume site in Tomcat5.0.28.
Our single Tomcat5.0.28 instance in the Web Farm is
having 10 HTTP Threads. Each HTTP Thread collects
request events in a ThreadLocal. At every 1000
requests (in a particular HTTP Thread) the HTTP Thread
will collect events from the ThreadLocal, sets them in
"it's" deamon thread (There is one-to-one
correspondance between the number of Tomcat HTTP
Threads and Deamon threads, hence we have 10 Deamon
threads), notifies the deamon thread, and clears the
ThreadLocal. The Deamon thread will pushes the events
to a seperate single process through RMI.

Everything works fine (functional and otherwise) for
the first 1 or 2 hours or so, and then we can see the
Tomcat 5.0.28 Process taking lot of memory and
ultimately we are getting either an
OutOfMemoryException or The Tomcat process stalls!

Our Question is: 
1. Is Tomcat 5.0.28 having a memory problem? 
2. If so, what about other versions of Tomcat?
3. Is this memory problem somehow related to Thread
and/or ThreadLocal Usage?
4. Any work around for this.


Thankx in advance

Binildas C. A.
[ binil_christudas<at>infosys<dot>com ]
[ Birenjith_Sasidharan<at>infosys<dot>com ]

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