Thanks Doug and Chuck,

I suspected as much re. the connection pool.  This sort of negates the
value of it a little (for me anyway).

My original plan was to go with saving the connection to the session once
it was established but I had read somewhere that connections are not
'serializable' and therefore the garbage cleanup in tomcat may kill the
connection unexpectedly?!.?

Has anyone used session tracking to store database connections?  If so, has
anything bad happened?

Doug to answer your question "How many users are there going to be on the
system at once and can the
system handle that many open connections?"...

I anticipate that the production version will have from 20 - 30 people
updating information (in different cities ) and possibly 50 or so browsing
the database for information.  The backend database will be ORACLE 9i
running in MS Server 2003 on an IBM server.  In the pooled connection
implementation I allowed for 150 concurrent users.  I think oracle running
on a pretty beefy application server should be able to handle it.  The web
server box will also be MS server 2003 on an older style server so I
suppose the only scary part will be weaknesses (if there are any) in Tomcat

Anyway, I will implement storing the connection in the session with the log
out killing the connection.

Any comments or gotchas you know about would be useful.

Jeffery S. Eaton

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