I'm very new to tomcat and apache.  I've set up apache
to forward to tomcat using mod_jk.  It works fine on
the localhost, but if I try to connect through to
tomcat from any other host I get 404 file not found,
although I can connect to apache.  As follows:

These work on localhost:
http://localhost <--apache
http://localhost/servlets-examples <--tomcat

(So do these of course:
 http://localhost:8080/ <--tomcat
 http://localhost:8080/servlets-examples <--tomcat)

And this is what happens on another host:
http://hostname <--apache
http://hostname/servlets-examples <--404 file not
http://hostname:8080/servlets-examples <--tomcat

Apache 2.0.52-19.ent (Red Hat RPM)
Tomcat 5.5.9-1jpp_5rh (Red Hat RPM)
mod_jk-ap20-1.2.6-3jpp_7rh (Red Hat RPM)
(Red Hat apparently doesn't offer a mod_jk2)

It was setup according to "Pro Jakarta Tomcat 5"
(Moodie, 2005), although I'm sure it's not the book's
fault.  Basically I modified server.xml to autogen
mod_jk.conf and added listener to <Host>, modified
workers.properties, and httpd.conf.

I have a feeling this is something simple, and I have
tried to find an answer with no luck.  If anyone has
any suggestions I would be greatly appreciative.


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