I think you are getting this error because Tomcat doesn't realize you are trying to activate the servlet.

You probably will need to look at your WEB-INF/web.xml of your web application. You'll need a <servlet/> entry that defines BeerSelect and a <servlet-mapping/> that ties BeerSelect to its actual url-pattern. (/VBeer/BeerSelect) You can look at the web.xml in the servlet-examples webapp that comes with Tomcat for sample definitions.


Developer Developer escribió:
does anybody know how to fix this problem.
  Invocation of servlet prompts a messagebox posing a questions " do you
want to save this ?" instead of executing it and returing the output in the
html document.

 On 10/10/05, Developer Developer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I wrote my first html and servlet and deployed it on tomcat 5.5. The html
works okay when I call it from the browser. The servlet too works okay
I call its doget() method by invoking it from the browser. EG:.
However, when i try to invoke the servlet from an html form I get a
box - (file download security warning) - Do you want to save this file ?
It has a
funny number suffixed to the my servlet name.

Not sure what is happening.
Here is my HTML code snippet.


<h1 align =3D "center">Beer selecton Page </h1>

<form method=3D"POST" action=3D"BeerSelect">

<p>Select Beer Characteristics</p>

Thanks !

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