John Geiger escribió:

This is a little intimidating, but I am eager. I hope I am in the right

I am a DHTML developer‹intermediate level. I¹ve been exposed to JSP on an
iPlanet server, Sun OS 5.8 (but it is my client¹s production server, and I¹m
reluctant to mess around there!)

I now have my own Tomcat install kind-of-working on a Fedora Core 2 box. It
is Tomcat 5.0.x with Apache 1.3.

Besides the other answers you will get, I would think you would want to run Tomcat standalone (i.e., have it process HTML pages as well), and not bother with connecting it to the Apache web server. You are just learning about JSP right now; not hosting web applications, so Apache is probably an unnecessary distraction at this time.


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