apache: httpd-2.0.46-46.3.ent

tomcat: jakarta-tomcat-4.1.30

using the mod_jk connector.



Earlier yesterday we started recieving the following error.

java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string:


The page started to get refered to by another website, and the link that
they are using is:


When I follow that link, it doesn't work, and it displays that it
couldn't handle the input string

"888888%26order=44%26start=3%26end=3"  (notice that the %2526 in the
referring url now is a %26)


%25 = %

%26 = &


so it looks like the %25 is converting to the %, but then the recurring
%26 is not getting converted to the &, which is causing tomcat not to be
able to parse the variables.


Is this an apache or tomcat misconfiguration/bug?  I've been searching,
but unable to find any answers.


Any ideas on how to resolve this would be helpful.  Sorry if this topic
has been brought up before. I was unable to find any hits on google, or
searching the mailing list archive.





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