Thanks to Peter and other who made this, in retrospect, obvious suggestion! I'm pleased to say it works perfectly.

Tom Burke

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I'm running Tomcat 5.0.28 on a Windows 2003 server, and I need to
automatically shut it down & restart it. One way is to control it via
shutdown.bat & startup.bat, and run these as scheduled tasks at (say)
3:30am and 3:31am. However, I've noticed that while shutdown.bat will
shut it down if it was previously started as a service, startup.bat
won't run it as a service, it starts it at a command prompt.

Why not use net stop <servicename> and net start <servicename> with the
name of the Tomcat service?

My question is: does this matter? If I'm running on Windows are there
any advantages to running Tomcat as a service? Or disadvantages to
running from the command prompt?

If you run it as a service: you can ensure it restarts if the machine
reboots unexpectedly for any reason; you can take actions if the service
crashes; and you can run the service as a specified user fairly simply.
If you run from the command line, you have none of these options.

- Peter

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