hi all,

Thank you to anyone who helps me with this - I could use some new 

Access to my servlet through ssl is blocked unless I'm accessing through
'localhost', with an error page displayed saying 'access denied by access
control list'.

Here is what I've done so far: I've read tomcat's docs about ssl and 
searched google and the tomcat-user mailing list archives, and of course
tomcat's logs. I added a security debug value to
CATALINA_OPTS ("-D.java.security.debug=all"). I commented out the memory 
in tomcat's server.xml, and commented out the apache connector and service.
None of that solved the problem.

I'm using tomcat 4.0.4, standalone, with windows 2000 service pack 2.
I configured ssl to work on port 1234 and non-ssl to run on port 80.
As long as all my access is through localhost
(http://localhost/servletname/whatever), both ssl and non-ssl work
just fine. Access through the host's domain name or ipaddress works ok for
non-ssl, both locally and from another machine. When I try to access the 
pages using the host's domain name or ipaddress (rather than 
'localhost'), I get
this message in mozilla 1.1
You were denied access because:
Access denied by access control list.

thanks for any help,

Joan Friedman

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