* Ben Jessel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [1238 17:38]:
> Can you set up multiple JDBC realms in tomcat 4x or are you stuck with just the one?



"You may nest a Realm inside any Catalina container (Engine, Host, or
Context). In addition, Realms associated with an Engine or a Host are
automatically inherited by lower-level containers, unless explicitly

I haven't tried it, but it sounds like it'll work.

> Also, say that you had no control over configuring server.xml ( say, you had web-app 
>space with an ISP ) is there any way you could configure a web-application wide realm 
> without having to play around with other configuration files?

As far as I know, Realms exist on the server level, so if you're asking
about configuring one from web.xml, forget it.
 If you've got autoDeploy enabled for your webapps folder, though, you can
probably add a 'context.xml' file in there which contains a Realm -
that would mean you could avoid editing server.xml...


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