I use the DX-Engineering RTR-1 which is the easiest and best solution IHMO. It even provides protection by locking the RX portion out on Transmit by loop the PTT amp cable. I have two of these units now and use them on all the Icom radios. They even have a special momentary toggle for check the TX antenna for A/B RX tests. Must have been designed by a thoughtful amateur.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 9/22/2016 1:27 PM, Gabriel - EA6VQ wrote:
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I will appreciate your advice in the best (but simple) way to switch between RX 
and TX antennas for a transceiver that does not have a separate RX antenna 

The system should be able to switch from RX antenna to TX antenna when PTT is 
applied (and vice versa) but also allow to switch between the two antennas 
during reception in order to compare.

I have thought about using a coax relay as I do switch the VHF preamps, but I 
think it's switching will possibly too slow and some RF could flow to the RX 
antenna, causing damage.

Any ideas will be welcome!

73. Gabriel – EA6VQ

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Topband Reflector Archives - http://www.contesting.com/_topband

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