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We can not ever have enough radials, especially with a less than a 1/4 wave vertical.  Shorter antennas can get competitive if enough radials are used.    Recommend solid wire because oxidation from water can corrode the stranded faster. Each strand is loosing conductivity.  Solder them where they cross each other.   If not connected, voltage differences leak power away. Takes time but in mid winter, it worth it.  Busting through a pile up easily can bring a smile.  
Bruce- k1fz

On Wed, 12 Oct 2016 16:27:58 -0400, Matthew King - KK4CPS  wrote:

All this talk of radials makes me wonder about my radial field....
The area that the radials live in has been burned in a backfire. It has a
wide variety of wire in it, mostly stranded copper. I'm sure the
insulation is no more now that it's been burned.
I'm quite sure they're corroded now, most likely on each strand of each
The million dollar question, now - are the radials ruined? Would I realize
better coverage if I were to replace them?

Inquiring minds want to know....


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