That's very interesting.

I have heard that long led strips eg in the kitchen are powered from a noisy smpsu: the long cable is the antenna. A linear supply should stop that noise or small ferrite toroids (it's very low current). I have just purchased some from IKEA and will be testing them soon.



not only the "defective" LED lamps makes the noise.

I found several LED strips (used commonly in kitchen)
and LED bulbs coming from China generates strange noise
on HF bands. I noticed it when the noise raised up from S3 to S7
on 160m while I was on key. So I immediately went to investigate
what was changed at our home and I discovered that XYL switched
ON the LED strip installed in kitchen cabinets.

The same noise source was the LED bulb in the small bed lamp in the
bedroom. After I replaced all of these Chinese crappies with standard
the noise gone. (LED strip in kitchen cabinets must be OFF when I am on
key, hi)

Hope it helps,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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