Thanks Lloyd,

But pls tell us your wire height and approximate description of gnd condx  for 
your otherwise well-described bog.


Charles W2SH

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Hello Tony!

Ground conditions and wire height above ground make a huge difference in
best length.

I found the optimum for my BOG, using WD-1A wire and operating at 1825 KHz,
at my QTH is 290 feet.


Lloyd - N9LB

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Stretched out 200' of WD-1A along a stone wall. Kept it about 2" above the
ground and right up against the stones. Fed it with a 300 ohm secondary
transformer and left the far end unterminated.

Used the MFJ-259 to sweep the bands starting at 1.67 MHZ.  Saw on K1FZ notes
that to find the best single wire length for 160M is to sweep the bands and
check where the SWR goes to a low value and stays there.

I couldn't find that frequency. I get dips at

2.58 MHZ 4.3:1
3.36 MHZ 1.5:1
4.39 MHZ 1.4:1
6.033 MHZ 1.3:1
9.807 MHZ 1.2:1

I didn't check any higher in freq. I only care about listening on 160M with
I twisted both wires together at the feedpoint.
Want to check it out first as a single ended BOG to see how it works before
I go to the trouble of making it a two direction BOG.
At one point the BOG is only 35' from my tower.
Is it too high and does it need to be against the ground?

Any feedback appreciated.

N2TK, Tony
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