Thanks everyone. I plan to try it this weekend.


Art NK8X

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> Hi Art,Yes, I have done that and am doing that. I use tall trees as
> supports and the 160 inverted L goes up one side of the tree then bent over
> horizontally to another tree over yonder. From the same feed point, the 80
> meter section goes up the other side of the same tree and the top actually
> folds over an upper limb down to the tie point. I have had the antennas
> separate and had them from the same feed point as I do now and I have not
> seen much, if any difference in performance. With 600 watts output I have
> about 165 countries on 160 and about 220 on 80 from a small suburban lot in
> Houston. I just installed the same antenna in TN and it has worked quite
> well there. I feed it through a ferrite bead balun and I have one elevated
> (up about 20') per band.Hope this helps. 73, Mike WA5POK
>     On Monday, October 17, 2016 10:17 AM, Art Snapper <>
> wrote:
>  I was considering adding a second vertical element to my 160 inverted L.
> This one would be roughly a quarter wave tall for use on 80.
> I tried modelling in Eznec, but wasn't comfortable with the results. I may
> have screwed it up.
> Has anyone tried it for real? Is it a big compromise on either band? Would
> a switch at the feedpoint have any benefit?
> My inverted L has about 50 radials.
> 73
> Art NK8X
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> Art,
> I do the same. I have a 75 ft irrigation pipe vertical w/top hat wires and
> use an base inductor to match it on 160m. I also have a 14 inch standoff
> arm attached at the 67 ft point and run a #10 ga drop wire, I call it, to
> the base. This wire is not attached to the standoff arm, so it becomes a
> 1/4 wave vertical for 80m. It is held away from the irrigation pipe with
> flat fiberglass insulators.
> I feed this wire thru a separate feed line and inductor to match it on
> 80m. I do have plenty of ferrites on both coax feed lines. Before operating
> on 80m, I do have to short the irrigation pipe (160m vertical) to ground.
> As of now, I have to go to the base and physically short the vertical with
> a ground jumper.
> I have about 100 radials at the base of the vertical(s) and feel I have a
> good signal working DX on both bands.
> Ray,
> N6VR
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